Jake Owen Goes to West Virginia Via FaceTime

November 07, 2013

Jake Owen Goes to West Virginia Via FaceTime

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Part of the thrill of CMA week in Nashville is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to see things like Jake Owen playing a honky-tonk. That's what he did Tuesday afternoon (Nov. 5) at Honky Tonk Central right in the heart of downtown Nashville.

But even better than hearing a brief set from an artist whose career outgrew honky-tonks a long time ago was his interaction with the fans there -- and one who was virtually there.

After playing his new single "Days of Gold," Owen noticed that a woman in the crowd was having a video conversation via FaceTime on her iPhone.

"Who you talking to over here? Your daughter?" Owen asked.

Then he grabbed the phone and started his own conversation with the girl on the other end.

"Whasssssup, girl?" he said. "Say hi, everybody. Where are you right now?"

When she said she was in West Virginia, he immediately started singing "Anywhere With You."

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